Team | Volume 5

Chief Editor

Ellie Jane Jamieson

Restructure In Process! 

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Team | Volume 4

Chief Editor

Beth Morris | Alex McCallum

Editorial Board 

Finlay Beatson - History and English

Clara Dunn - English and Creative Writing

Andrew Bradley - Politics

Fiona Beatson - English and Film

Roxy Pollack - Geography and Politics

Rebecca Reid - English

Theodore Ayers-Harris - History

Alex McCallum - Philosophy and Film

Trude Hagen - English and Psychology

Email Holder

Kelly Anderson

Team | Volume 3

Chief Editors 

Charlotte Kirkwood | Clara Dunn

Associate Editors

Alex McCallum

Social Media and Communications

Kelly Anderson | Charlotte Kirkwood

Editorial Board

Theodore Ayers-Harris - Politics/History

Rory Brooke - Politics/ Philosophy

Matthew Brander - Languages

Iain Savage - History/Politics

Christoffer Nielsen - Politics

Finlay Beatson - English/Creative Writing

Alex McCallum - Film/Philosophy

Philipa Thapa - English

Jonathan Cochrane - History

Calum Donaldson - English/General Editor

Chief Editors 

Rory Brooke | Clara Dunn

Associate Editors

Finlay Beatson | Beth Morris

Social Media and Communications

Matthew Brander | Sarah Coakley | Roxy Pollack

Editorial Board

Ruby Main - Philosophy

Adam Frank (Issue 2) - Philosophy

Beth Morris - English/Creative Writing

Dory Ash - English/Creative Writing

Kai Durkin - English/Creative Writing

Kelly Anderson - English/Creative Writing

Charlotte Kirkwood - Politics/Philosophy

Roxy Pollack (Issue 2) - Politics/History

Christoffer Nielson (Issue 1) - Politics/History

Theo Ayers-Harris - Politics/History

Jonathan Cochrane - History

Team | Volume 2

Team | Volume 2

Team | Volume 1

Chief Editors 

Hannah Hilligardt | Amani Bathily



Editorial Board

Rhiannon Lindsay - English/ Creative Writing  

Catriona Leslie - English/ Creative Writing/ Philosophy

Dory Ash - English/ Creative Writing 

 Ruby Main - Philosophy/Politics

Qasim Aslam - Philosophy 

Julian Benz - Politics

Maxine Ajak - Politics

Hannah Perrie - History 

Chris Kilgallon - History    

Chloe Rismann - French 

Emilie Balloux - French 

Sarah Coakley - English/Creative Writing

Theo Ayers Harris - Advisory Member

Rory Brooke - Advisory Member, Philosophy and Politics

Clara Dunn - Advisory Member, English and Creative Writing

Eólas, the Undergraduate Journal of The Humanities, is a project and sub-group of the University of Dundee Humanities Society, or, HumSoc. It is a student-led, academic journal. Est. 2016, Dundee, Scotland, UK. All thoughts and opinions expressed in published pieces are those of the authors.