Submissions & Guidelines



Course-related and original publications accepted.


Size: minimum of 500 words - maximum 2500 words

 Dissertation: Abstract submissions only however do let us know where we can find the full dissertation.

Where to send submission: To submit your work send it to our email

Anonymity: Eolas is a student led publication; your work will be reviewed by an editorial board of students. Remember NOT to include your name on your submission due to our strict anonymity policy.

Lecturer Recommendation: Please state if your work was submitted upon recommendation .




Language essays: Spanish, German and French are accepted: the standards are the same as with English works.

Art, Design and Comic Book Studies: Email us if you are considering submitting art works along with your academic submission. 


Note: Keep in mind we are looking for innovative and original work above all else!

We look forward to receiving a diverse and creative range of submissions! 


Please note that if your submission is accepted, some edits may be required and made by our editorial team. Our team expects co-operation in kind from its authors, as we want to publish the journal in its best possible form. We will always contact each author with the edited version of their piece before publication. Also, note that we can only accept one piece from each author, we apologise but this is to ensure that equal opportunities are provided for our authors

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