Eólas is the flagship Undergraduate Humanities journal, from the University of Dundee. Eólas was first published in 2016 and was created through the University's Humanities Society. The journal is led by a team of students and strives to provide an accessible and fresh way for undergraduate academics to publish their work.


We understand that by nature the humanities is an interdisciplinary field which is why any student can submit their work to Eólas as long as it fits into the realm of the humanities. 

The fifth volume of Eólas 20/21 aims to reflect the current times we are living in; echoing both diversity, inclusion and the recording of change within society as a whole. The Humanities Society are proud to still be offering this opportunity to students under the "new normal" that we are all adapting to. 

eolas m (genitive singular eolais)

  1. knowledge

    1. range of knowledge

    2. practical understanding, comprehension   discernment

    3. close acquaintance, familiarity, experience

      1. ​​ Tá eolas agam ar an áit seo. I am familiar with, am acquainted with, this place.

Eólas, the Undergraduate Journal of The Humanities, is a project and sub-group of the University of Dundee Humanities Society, or, HumSoc. It is a student-led, academic journal. Est. 2016, Dundee, Scotland, UK. All thoughts and opinions expressed in published pieces are those of the authors.